Latest Lecture And Group Discussion Topics at SSB interviews

 Latest Lecture And Group Discussion Topics

I thought i must update the latest group discussions and lecture topics…i also request my dear readers to post the topics which they have faced in their ssb’s… i feel that “of what good is that information when it does not provide help to those who are in need of it”….

·         State Of Indian Cricket

·         Compulsory Service For All Iit’ans In Government Service

·         In Today’s World Mental Ability More Important Than Physical Ability -discuss

·         Women To Join Armed Forces In Combat Branches

·         Meagre Import Duty And Open Invitation To Foreign Investors Affects

·         Indian Companies And Their Employees-discuss

·         National Game Losing Out To Cricket

·         China As A Budding Problem To India’s Security

·         Relevance Of Compulsory Millitary Service In India

·         India Will Succeed When- Good People Join Politics / Bureaucracy

·         If You Become The President Of India What Will You Do?